Custom Homes

Maybe it’s your first home or maybe it’s your retirement dream home. Maybe it’s something in between. Practicality and affordability are key to your dream. We design homes differently. We start with your ideas and work them into 3 key components of designing a home.

  1. The Necessities – What you absolutely need to have.
  2. The Wants – What I would really like to have but can compromise on.
  3. The Do Not Wants – What I absolutely don’t want to have in my house.

These 3 key components not only define the way your house will flow and look they help us turn ideas into a realistic, budget-friendly designs.

Custom Home Engineering

Much like the architectural design of the home, the structural design (how the house is built and what components are used to build it) is equally, if not more important. We make sure your house will stand for many years to come. Our designs take a simple, budget-friendly approach.